Filling Your Humming Bird Feeder

 IMPORTANT: To Prevent Dripping Please Read These Instructions For Installing Your Hummingbird Feeder Tube. 

1) Fill your container with COOL nectar solution.                                                             

 2) Make sure the feeder tube is inserted all the way into the rubber stopper.               

 The bottom of the feeder tube should be even with the bottom of the stopper. 

 3) Keep your feeder and feeder tube clean and feeder level.                                           

4) Insert the feeder tube into your container very tightly.                                               

5) Hang the feeder as straight as possible. Hang in the shade or partial shade            

The cooler the nectar the less likely it is to drip.  If installed properly there will be an 

initial stream of nectar or some dripping. This is normal as the small amount of air 

pressure inside the container pushes the nectar down the tube. Once a vacuum is 

formed the dripping will stop.